Every night, the same thing

About an hour ago, I lit $158.00 on fire and watched the flames form the shape of a flower until they flashed green and exploded. This is the second time I've done this. 

Maybe I'm not cut out for it. I estimate 16 sessions at $158.00 per, plus additional fees for MP3 supplements and at least $3000 for a demo and branding. Plus airfare and hotel. That "upper limit" had a false ceiling.

Might as well pour some nitric acid on my face and light THAT on fire. At least then I could age like a maple cabinet.

Tests tests tests essays essays essays reading reading reading. All on/due/for tomorrow. People tell me freshman year is the easiest year. 

Now I understand why drinking is so popular.
Too Many Choices

Goes down smooth

I hope you're all recovering well from my recent postravaganza.

All the language power in my brain is currently focused on a nasty paper due tomorrow, so I pulled out the Nikon (YES!) and visited some different parts of the penitentiary that is Warren Towers (my dorm).

I can't decide if I want to post multiple images today or not, so apologies in advance if you see another two or three posts in quick succession. 

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(I don't have any good pixel fonts. Hence the rough font in the avatar.)

Photoshop can make any place look this Russian.

Too blockheaded to write something meaningful.

Here's a picture taken from my dorm room. I have twelve thousand variations on this one because it (the view outside my window) is often a test canvas for lens settings and lighting opportunities.

I attacked it with camera raw to make it look unrealistic and horrible. You'll need a super bright monitor to appreciate the depth of the emo angst. (Does that even make sense? Guh.)


Erik's Quote of the Day: "NO. NO IT'S NOT OKAY. *slap slap* IT'S NOT GOING TO BE OKAY. NO."



Postponement #1: Today will forever be defined by capital letters.

Yeah so some stuff happened which messed up my daily schedule. This is what you get instead of the shower-pants post, which will probably appear later. 

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Here's a song I like. Maybe you'll like it too.

DVNO by Justice
MP3 in Zip file
8.7 MB
(for preview only, don't steal music)

keke tired. Erik has jury duty in 20 minutes. I'll see you with a new post later today.

*coffee coffee coffee*