The Muse Is Out

awww brother

Sometimes you find yourself delighted by accidental soft focus.

As here, where Erik jumps in from the outside.

And no, these pictures aren't meant to be beautiful or spectacular. They're just demonstrations of me screwing around. Because I haven't screwed around in Photoshop for months. So suck it up. I have to endure this too.

finding a waaayyyyyyy to put it togetherrrrr

They say you should try new things, so you try new things and you become so engrossed that your perfectionism kicks in. Just like the "once-a-month workout," if you over-do it, you'll avoid it.

So this post doesn't have a new avatar. In fact it doesn't even have a real topic. Just a picture.

I'm thinking I should move this over to a domain and Wordpress.

What's that going to do? Certainly isn't going to make me post more.

Happy Blue Rocks, from Canada, with love.
The Muse Is Out

Yeah it's like that.

So I'm sitting in front of my computer, willing myself to complete the simple edits necessary for my paper to be finished. Type a little "summary grading letter"... add a little flair... come on Bret you can do this.

Then I have an easy Astronomy Lab report.
An easy Comp Sci assignment.
Lots of Calc homework.

But I can do this.

*takes another swig of his Tropicana™ Twister Orange Soda*


I missed FitRec today when I over-slept my nap. Guess that means the rest of the week is going to be one, massive POWER SESSION.

*orange soda*

Just gotta start.

Any second now.

This Icon is Too Useful

From the This-is-what-happens-when-you-take-all-the-same-classes-as-your-twin-brother-and-you-room-together dept.

You know when you accidentally click-and-drag a directory, resulting in a copy action? Well Erik accidentally dragged a copy of his Documents folder into his Downloads folder. He sent the Documents copy to the Recycle Bin, checked to make sure it wasn't the actual Documents folder and then emptied the Recycle Bin.

Now his REAL Documents folder is gone.

Long paper due in... 6 hours.

Soo sorreee

I met with a personal trainer on Thursday to create a workout plan.

Today was the first day of the plan (done solo). What was supposed to take thirty minutes ended up taking a full hour.

*pant pant pant pant pant*

*passes out*

I must have looked like a feeble old lady amongst all the iron-pumping fitness guys. At least I'm doing something.

Now I will hobble across the room in ULTIMATE SORENESS and hope tomorrow's plan assignment is easier.

EDIT: Oh yeah and I'm applying for a job at the Fit Rec in an effort to keep motivated.